I have cried so much this evening that my eyes are burning. I feel as though everything is my fault.

And I did a bad thing. I’m afraid of what you’ll think of me now. And I’m more sad after doing the bad thing than I was before.

Now I just wish I could go to sleep. Sigh.


Kitty Gets It

Kitty understands that the acid in my stomach and the lead in my legs means that I’m in for a rough day. That’s why she’s nestled herself in the crook of my arm, the happy and purring little kitten that she is.

Can kittens get depressed? One wouldn’t think so, as they seem to be the complete antithesis of depression: tiny little puffballs of energy and curiosity. But at least she understands me today and is settling for cuddles and pets instead of her usual morning routine of attacking my toes under the comforter.