Our Daily Lies

I hate the fact that we lie to so many people in any given day. Like, when the cashier at the coffee shop asks you how you are, you say, “Oh I’m good thanks” even if you aren’t. But you’re definitely not gonna lay it on them….you can’t be like, “Well I had a full existential crisis and a real good cry this morning but I’ve kinda been doing okay since then.”

If you take a day off of work for your mental health, you’re sure as hell not going to tell your coworkers that’s why you weren’t at work. You’ll make up some excuse about not feeling well or having a headache because you’re definitely not going to tell them “Oh yeah, I felt like killing myself today so I decided ‘Fuck it, I’m not going to come in.'”

We live in a society where sharing is inherently bad, and I wish it were any other way.


What do you think?

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