Small Things to Love

  • When your hair does that adorable curl it gets when it’s slightly too long and messy
  • The cute little ‘rahr’ noise you make when you readjust cuddle positions
  • “baby”
  • That you’re totally down for getting Kitters II when Kitters is a pain and already aggravates your allergies
  • That you even call our kitty Kitters (slightly irrelevant note: her real name is Onyx, but Boyfriend calls her Kitters and it’s cute)
  • That sometimes you cross your arms when you’re asleep, which is remarkably freaking cute
  • Your almost equally strong nerdy affinity for Harry Potter
  • All the baby pictures I have of you now (note: Boyfriend’s grandmother just gave me a bag full of pics that he thought were gone forever and I’m SO excited we have)
  • The face you make in your selfies
  • Forehead kisses
  • Hugs from you–the way I fit in your arms, with my head under your chin
  • The fact that you turned my alarm off because today because you knew I needed the sleep and we weren’t going to work
  • The little ‘I love you’s”
  • So many more that would honestly take forever to list…good thing there’s the rest of our lives

What do you think?

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